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Antipasti - (appetizer)

Garlic Knots - Indulge yourself with a little bit of garlic heaven
(12)  $8.00 (6)  $5.00

Scallops - Sauteed with fresh tomato & spinach in a flavorful
balsamic reduction  $8.99

Antipasti of the day - featured appetizer

Garlic Bread - Oven fresh with plenty of garlic & mozzarella cheese  $3.99

Combo- Chicken tenders-french fries- cheese sticks & onion rings  $8.50

Chicken Wings (10) (or boneless wings)
mild - medium - hot - extra hot - barbeque - garlic- honey mustard – Italian   $9.00

Chicken Tenders with french fries  $6.00

Provolone Sticks (5) with a hint of garlic  $5.00

French Fries $2.99 Onion Rings  $3.50

Zuppa (soup) Wise Guys ''award winning''
Minestrone Soup
  $3.99 bowl - $2.99 cup

Insalata - (salad)  Antipasto salad-Crisp romaine, black olives, onion, artichoke, pepperoncini, tomato, black forest ham, salami and provolone Lg $9.00 SM  $5.00

Side salad- romaine, black olives, onion, pepperoncini & tomato LG  $5.00 SM  $2.25

1 salad - sauteed chicken, artichoke, tomato & black olives served over crisp romaine and topped with feta  $8.99

2 salad - sauteed chicken, peppers, mushrooms, onions & tomatoes served over crisp romaine and topped with provolone  $8.99


Hand tossed ''New York style'' pizza with tomato or true garlic sauce

18'' Large Pizza
8 large slices 12.99 deluxe four toppings  $19.99

16'' Medium Pizza
8 slices  $11.99    deluxe four toppings  $17.99

12'' Small Pizza
6 slices  $9.99    deluxe four toppings  $14.99

Thicker Crust - small  $1.00   med  $2.00   large  $3.00

Topping Choices: Small  $1.50 each
Medium pizza  $1.75 each
Large pizza  $2.00 each

Pepperoni, bacon, ham, Italian sausage,
ground beef, meatball, chicken

Fresh Vegetables:
Tomato, peppers, onion, broccoli, spinach portabella mushrooms, pineapple, black or green olives, anchovies, extra cheese

Specialita Pizza - (specialty pizza)

Our Luna - Your favorite toppings stuffed between two dough  $15.99    $1.75 per topping

Garlic & Feta - Bacon, tomato & spinach with our garlic sauce
large  $19.99     medium  $17.99     small  $14.99

Try our awesome pizza.
Andy's dough makes it a real treat!

Handcrafted Pasta Dishes

Chicken Cordon Bleu - Tender chicken breast sauteed to perfection with black forest ham, swiss cheese over a bed of cappellini  $14.99

Rigatoni & Broccoli - Fresh broccoli pan-fried in a garlic butter sauce then tossed with rigatoni  $9.99

Chicken Parmesan - Italian breaded chicken joined with provolone & mozzerella with our savory sauce served with spaghetti  $12.99

Jumbo Ravioli - Stuffed with three types of imported cheese  $10.99

Lasagna - A flavorful blend of four different cheeses & Italian sausage  $12.99

De Toni - Chicken sauteed with fresh tomato & spinach then topped with feta with rigatoni pasta 13.99 or with scallops  $18.99


Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo - The perfect union of cheese & cream served with chicken, mushrooms and fresh spinach or broccoli  $13.99

Spaghetti* Rigatoni* Cappellini - Served with our savory Italian tomato sauce  $7.99 (add sausage or two meatballs) $9.25

The Trio Perfecto - Large shrimp & sea scallops sauteed with our delicious alfredo sauce served over tortelloni pasta (jumbo tortellini) $21.99

De Angelo - Sea scallops & portabella mushrooms in a wine cream sauce served over sacchattini pasta (stuffed pasta purses) $18.99

Tortellini Aglio - Portabella mushrooms and Italian sausage sautéed in a butter garlic sauce over tri colored tortellini $13.99


Dolce Vita - (sweet life)

Sweet Knots
Dough tied in a knot, sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar and drizzled with a warm glaze   (12) $8.00   (6) $5.00

Raisin Log
Raisins, sugar & cinnamon rolled in our fried dough and topped with a warm glaze $6.99

Maple Walnut Log
Fried dough rolled with walnuts, raisins cinnamon & sugar and a maple glaze $7.99


Eroe - (hero or hot sub) $7.99

Italian Chicken
chicken breast, onions, peppers, mushrooms & provolone cheese

Philly Steak
sirloin steak with mushrooms, onions, peppers & provolone cheese

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